Social Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation

The explosion of social data has created unprecedented opportunities for researchers in disciplines ranging from public health to economics to computer science. With full firehose access to Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Disqus, Foursquare and many other sources, Gnip is fueling cutting-edge research.

Data Grants

Introducing Twitter Data Grants

Gnip and Twitter have created a partnership to offer social data to academic researchers free of charge. The pilot of the Twitter Data Grants program will support academic research and fuel innovation in the social data industry. Twitter is accepting Data Grant proposals for non-commercial, academic research. The application period will run through March 15th.

Use Cases


Social data has been used by researchers tracking health in a number of ways. Uses include tracking mentions of specific pharmaceuticals, understanding the sentiment around smoking, and tracking the flu.

Political Science

From Australia to the United States of America, researchers in various universities are working to understand the language and sentiment of political statements shared on social media.

Natural Disasters

There have been many studies done on how social media is used during severe weather. Similarly, universities are studying how effective social media can be for those responding to disasters.

Media & Business

Social data can be used for research in nearly every academic department. For example, there have been some interesting studies about how social media spreads compared to other types of media and how social media affects businesses.

Did You Know?

The Complete Picture

Gnip has full firehose access to 10 different sources ensuring that you get a complete view of your brand across all the major social networks.

Powerful Filtering

Gnip provides powerful filtering to make sure you get only the data you specify but never miss a Tweet, comment or check-in you need.

4 Billion Activities Per Day

With the most sources, the most customers, and the most robust infrastructure, Gnip reliably delivers an enormous stream of social media data.


Sources for Research

Gnip provides access to the full archive of public tweets, making it the largest source of social data on the planet.

Explore the intersection of social data and the physical world with the full firehose of Foursquare check-ins, offered exclusively by Gnip.

Spanning 70 million blogs (and counting), Gnip offers exclusive access to realtime posts, comments, and "Likes" from the world's biggest content creation platform.

Today's trendsetters and thought leaders use Tumblr to discuss the ideas that will enter the mainstream tomorrow.

Success Stories

By providing a complete and reliable stream of Twitter data, Gnip is playing a critical role in helping the Library of Congress build a stable, sustainable archive for future generations.

Library of Congress

We had an urgent need for a substantial chunk of historical Twitter data for an internal project. When Gnip delivered the data, we were thrilled and impressed.


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