Social Media Monitoring

Complete Coverage Of The Social Data You Need

Social Media Monitoring has exploded in the last 5 years as people have realized the potential that social media has to change their business. Gnip is the largest provider of data to this industry and we offer the largest selection of sources to monitor.

Use Cases

Reputation Management

Every business and brand is being talked about on social media. Capture and measure every single mention across the entire social spectrum to ensure comprehensive reputation management.

Competitive Analysis

Keeping an eye on the competition has never been easier than with social media. Get every mention of your competition so you can understand their strengths and weaknesses from a customer's perspective.

Identify Influencers

Find the key to your success through social media. Using Klout Scores you can easily identify influencers and with Klout Topics you can understand what they are influential in.

Find Trends

Get a deep understanding of the developments, news, products and brands attracting the most conversations. Tracking industries is as simple and valuable as tracking brands or competition.

Did You Know?

The Best Turn To Gnip

Why do IBM, Adobe and Salesforce rely on Gnip? Reliable, sustainable and complete access to social data is critical to their business. They count on Gnip.

Global Customers

Gnip serves customers in over 30 countries who serve over 95% of the companies in the Fortune 500. They demand a robust, scalable enterprise-grade service. Gnip delivers.

4 Billion Activities Per Day

With the most sources, the most customers, and the most robust infrastructure, Gnip reliably delivers an enormous stream of social media data.


Sources for Social Media Monitoring

With the largest volume of social data available from any source, every business is being talked about and can benefit from monitoring Twitter.

Deep, visual, and viral, content on Tumblr is incredibly unique and filled with insights that businesses can't get from any other source.

When fully formed opinions and professionally written content matter, only the biggest content creation system and blogging platform can deliver.

Even without a full firehose of content, Facebook monitoring gives businesses a view into the content of the largest social network in the world.

Success Stories

We rely on Gnip to filter the content to ensure that our customers receive 100 percent of the relevant tweets, posts and articles.


Gnip is the world's premier provider of social data.


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