We Believe

We believe the thoughts, conversations, and debates expressed in public social conversation have unlimited value and near limitless application. We believe that no one person or company can possibly comprehend the full importance or potential uses of this information. Our mission is to make this ever-expanding universe of social media data available via a consistent and reliable architecture so the world can realize the full potential of this amazing stream of information.

Our Company

About Us

Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social data. We believe that social data will change the world.

Careers at Gnip

Gnip is a hard-working and fun-loving workplace. We hire great people and trust them to accomplish great things. Sound like somewhere you would want to work?


There’s always something new happening at Gnip. New partners, new products, new awards and more - learn about it all.



Locally, nationally, and internationally Gnip has been recognized as one of the best in many different categories such as "Best Place to Work" awards and "Idea and Innovation" awards, which stands as a testament to our culture.

  • Outside Magazine Top 10 Place to Work.
  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce Best Place to Work.
  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce Esprit Big Ideas Award.
  • Boulder County Business Report IQ Award for innovation.
  • Denver Business Journal Best Place to Work.