Finance Use Cases

Hedge funds, asset managers, banks, trading desks, research analysts, financial technology providers and more are among those leveraging Twitter data.

Automated Trading

Hedge funds are successfully leveraging Twitter data to identify signals for their proprietary algorithms, enabling them to recognize trends and automate trades.

Market Sentiment

While analyst and media opinions have their place in the trading decisions, understanding Twitter data allows you to tap into general sentiment of the market in real time.

Financial Signals

Providers of financial signals are incorporating Twitter data in their list of data sources which enables them to recognize and provide the signal to their customers in real time.

Real-Time News

The news of Osama Bin Laden's raid broke on Twitter 20 minutes before breaking on mainstream media. It is clear that Twitter is a real-time newswire that can be leveraged for trading information.

White Paper

Social Media and Financial Markets: A Coming of Age

For the first time in history, access to the observations, wisdom and emotional reactions of millions of people globally is available in real time. Social media data represents a collective barometer of thoughts and ideas touching every aspect of the world. As social platforms increasingly become a primary means of communication for our age, asset managers, equity analysts and high frequency traders are incorporating leading indicator data from these platforms into investment decisions as a means to create alpha.

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Financial Success Stories

"Our customers have told us that Twitter helps them uncover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts, which may be indicative of changing market conditions."

Financial Success Stories

"We depend on the reliable and complete data we get from Gnip to create the models, research and signal that we provide our clients."
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