The Last 30 Days of Twitter Data at Your Fingertips

30-Day Search gives you access to a rolling window of the last 30-days of Twitter data.

Enterprise-Grade Filters

Avoid the complexity of sorting through the entire firehose of data with a wide range of operators to easily filter for the exact data you want.

Format Normalization

Activity Streams format from Gnip enables you to consume all of your data in a single standardized format across all of our data sources.


Do More with Your Social Data

Add value to your social data with powerful metadata enrichments.

URL Expansion

Expand shortened URLs.

Language Detection

Analyze what’s being said in more than 24 languages.


Find your top influencers with Klout Scores and Topics.

Profile Geo

Get valuable geo data based on public location signals.

30-Day Search is Available for Twitter


Technical Documentation

Looking for more information or technical details about 30-Day Search? Check out our support site for technical documentation, payload and code samples, support articles, and more.

Technical Documentation

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