Business Intelligence

Fueling Social Data Analytics for the Enterprise

The essence of business intelligence is correlating data sets to identify and develop opportunities. Adding social data into your business intelligence solutions can allow you to recognize and capitalize on new insights that would otherwise not be realized. Find your competitive advantage with social data.

Use Cases

New Possibilities

Being able to associate insights found in social data to insights found in other data sources gives businesses the ability to uncover new opportunities never before possible.

Big Data

Big data is more than a buzzword. The ability to combine disparate data sets, like social data and internal data, and find correlations makes your data greater than the sum of it's parts.

Understand The Past

With our historical products you can get social data from the past to understand how important moments were driven by or talked about on social media.

Competitive Advantage

Did a shift in customer opinion drive increased sales? How is your competition using social media? Knowing these types of things can give you the edge you need to succeed.

Did You Know?

The Best Turn To Gnip

Why do IBM, Adobe and Salesforce rely on Gnip? Reliable, sustainable and complete access to social data is critical to their business. They count on Gnip.

Global Customers

Gnip serves customers in over 30 countries who serve over 95% of the companies in the Fortune 500. They demand a robust, scalable enterprise-grade service. Gnip delivers.

4 Billion Activities Per Day

With the most sources, the most customers, and the most robust infrastructure, Gnip reliably delivers an enormous stream of social media data.


Sources for Business Intelligence

The value of including Twitter data in business intelligence is limited only by the amount of Tweets occurring that are relevant to you.

Imagine what you can glean when you combine internal data with blog and comment data from the biggest blogging platform in the world.

Commenting data can help you find the conversations and people in the blogosphere that are impacting your business.

Do check-ins to store locations impact revenue? Combining Foursquare data with internal data could yield insights and opportunities.

Success Stories

Social data is a new and incredibly exciting dataset that our customers are beginning to leverage within IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other IBM products. Via the Plugged In to Gnip business partner program, we make it incredibly easy for them to access that social data.


Gnip allows businesses to focus on reaping social data insight, rather than tracking which services are hot, which are not, and which have changed their API policies.


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