Combining Location and Social Data

People all around the world are tweeting, posting, checking in, sharing photos & videos and more. Understanding how these activities relate to various real-world locations unlocks new doors for analytics, engagement and product development. With Gnip's unique data sources and geo solutions, you have unparalleled access to social geodata from a single data provider.

Use Cases

Customer Behaviors

Displaying social media activities on a map can give a better understanding of where people are talking about a brand, how they feel about a product, or where they're checking in and spending money.

Promotional Uses

Consider ways to better engage fans and customers based on their location data shared on social media, such as tying in-store promotions to fans' online social activities and profiles.


Analyze social content and related geodata together to draw better conclusions in GIS applications. Social data combined with location can give provide valuable information.

Competitive Analysis

Imagine incorporating Foursquare check-ins into your competitive analysis and store planning. Twitter holds the same value plus there's unstructured text to glean insights from.

Did You Know?

Increase Your Geodata

About ~2% of Tweets include coordinates for where the Tweet occurred. Gnip's Profile Geo enrichment adds coordinates and other location data for >30% of Tweets.

Get Only Geotagged Data

Using Gnip's PowerTrack filtering, you can target specific activities based on available geodata. You can specify an area or select all data that has location information and get only that.

Geo Across Social

Geodata spans the social universe. Social sources with geodata components include Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Youtube, and Panoramio.


Sources for Geo

A percentage of Twitter data contains the latitude and longitude of where the Tweet happened along with all the other metadata.

All Foursquare data includes coordinates for check-ins, as well as standardized venue or “point of interest” data for millions of locations.

With the Geo Search stream from Instagram you can collect photos and related metadata based on point radius rules you define.

Collecting geotagged photos from Flickr is simple with our Data Collector. You can do a tag based search of photos that have geolocation data.

Success Stories

Gnip is the world's premier provider of social data.


Social data is a new and incredibly exciting dataset that our customers are beginning to leverage within IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other IBM products. Via the Plugged In to Gnip business partner program, we make it incredibly easy for them to access that social data.


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