Professional Services

Integrating Social Data into Professional Services

Customer strategy extends well beyond CRM implementations. Insight into customer perception via social data allows firms across many industries to get a more complete picture of customer engagement and perception. Gnip provides reliable, complete access to multiple data sources to enable a comprehensive view of customer data.

Use Cases

Understand The Customer

We enable professional services firms to incorporate social data into their customers' operations and ensure that customers receive a 360 degree customer view.

Due Diligence

By integrating social data sources that span the social spectrum of social engagement, firms have insight to complete due diligence for clients that covers all social sources, not just Twitter.

Public Relations

Social media is now a vital part of any good public relations strategy. Use social data to clean insights on every social channel to inform your recommendations and strategy.

Product Development

Focus groups and customer surveys are antiquated methods of obtaining information for product development. Now companies use unbiased options from social media to make informed decisions.

Did You Know?

Variety of Social Sources

Whether you're interested in coverage of blogs, comments, social networks, news, photo sites, you name it, we have it. Social data helps address use cases across multiple sectors of the economy and enables professional services firms to help their clients understand the social perspective of their customers' business.

Social Data Expertise

Social data can provide critical insights into what a massive number of people are thinking and can help consulting professionals deliver unique insight on their client engagements. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure that their customers are receiving deep insight into social data and new trends.

Historical Data Access

Comparing current events to historical activity allows firms to understand industry trends as well as benchmark performance. Gnip's historical offerings allow customers to quickly receive data and gain insight into activities related to specific time periods, locations, and events.


Sources for Professional Services

With the largest volume of social data available from any source, every business is being talked about and can benefit from monitoring Twitter.

Tracking Foursquare check-in changes over time and gaining realtime insight into current consumer trends provide great insight into customer behavior.

Deep, visual, and viral, content on Tumblr is incredibly unique and filled with insights that businesses can't get from any other source.

When fully formed opinions and professionally written content matter, only the biggest content creation system and blogging platform can deliver.

Success Stories

Social data is a new and incredibly exciting dataset that our customers are beginning to leverage within IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other IBM products. Via the Plugged In to Gnip business partner program, we make it incredibly easy for them to access that social data.


Gnip is the world's premier provider of social data.


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