Brands can use social data to improve their business. Starting with product development, through to supply chain management, all the way to realtime marketing and sales, social data can inform every decision.

Use Cases


Social media marketing doesn't mean simply measuring traffic from social sites. Understanding the overall reach and volume of these activities shows you the true impact of your social media efforts.

Customer Service

Turning to social when in need of customer service is becoming more popular due to the realtime nature of social media. Getting data from across channels to meet customers expectations is your key to great service.

Product Development

Understanding what products to develop has changed with the rise in social media. Now you can understand trends and opinions, and understand what to develop by getting social data.


Every customer mention on social media is an opportunity. Make sure you have the data you need to win that moment. We provide the URL shares, media, mentions and other information you need to make that win happen.

Did You Know?

The Complete Picture

Gnip has full firehose access to 10 different sources ensuring that you get a complete view of what people are saying across all the major social networks.

Powerful Filtering

Gnip provides powerful filtering to make sure you get only the data you specify but never miss a Tweet, comment or check-in you need.

4 Billion Activities Per Day

With the most sources, the most customers, and the most robust infrastructure, Gnip reliably delivers an enormous stream of social media data.


Sources for Retail

Every business is being talked about on Twitter, with both positive and negative comments. Being able to monitor to these comments and proactively use that information provides incredible brand value.

Deep, visual, and viral, content on Tumblr is incredibly unique and filled with insights that businesses can't get from any other source.

When fully formed opinions and professionally written content matter, only the biggest content creation system and blogging platform can deliver.

Tracking check-ins to your stores, competitors' stores, and other localized check-ins can provide retail brands data that they can't get anywhere else.

Success Stories

Social data is a new and incredibly exciting dataset that our customers are beginning to leverage within IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other IBM products.


The addition of Klout Topics makes it even easier for Lithium to help our clients learn more about their customers and build engaging social customer experiences.


This means our clients can respond rapidly to real-time marketing opportunities by quickly building their understanding of a situation with instant access to social data.


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