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Our customers like us for a wide variety of reasons. We get them all the data they need so they can focus on building great solutions. We save them time and help them get to market faster. We provide an enterprise-grade service. But don't take our word for it, read for yourself.

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What I love about this product is it opens up so many possibilities to help our customers further understand their impact on Twitter.
The Power of Historical Twitter Data

Union Metrics builds products that deliver simple social metrics that enable marketers and agencies to measure and improve their social media campaigns. Through full coverage of historical Twitter data, the company's customers have access to a significant new level of functionality. The ability to analyze historical data ensures complete coverage from the very start of the conversation and a deeper understanding of how the campaign has evolved.

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Gnip helped us triple our API volume in less than one month and provided us with a trusted social media data delivery platform necessary for keeping up with the ever-increasing volume of Twitter users.
How Klout is Harnessing the Twitter Firehose to Keep Pace with Their Growing User Base

Klout analyzes social network user data to measures an individual's influence across the social web based on the impact of their opinions, links, recommendations and other online content. By selecting Gnip as their trusted premium Twitter data delivery partner, Klout tripled their API volume and increase their ability to provide influence scores by 50% among Twitter users in less than one month.

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Gnip has truly lived up to their reputation as the leading social media data provider and has continually delivered massive quantities of enriched, reliable, and compliant data.
How MutualMind Accelerated the Market Launch of Its Cutting Edge Social Listening, Management and Engagement Solution

MutualMind, a leading enterprise social media intelligence and management system provider, turned to Gnip for their data collection needs enabling them to get their product to market six months ahead of schedule. Today, MutualMind processes tens of millions of data activities per month using multiple sources from Gnip including premium Twitter data, YouTube, Flickr, and more.

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