Consulting Services

Social Data Expertise At Your Service

Despite the diverse and amazing things our customers do with social data, we know they all share the same goal: to get what they need out of social data. Our team of experts leverages their years of experience with our sources and in-depth knowledge of Gnip products to get customers on the fast-track to success.

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Educational Programs

Are your team members looking for training led by social data experts? The Services and Data Science teams at Gnip have teamed up to provide virtual and in-person training events on a variety of social data topics - from technical challenges like rule building or volume spike handling, to data science areas like signal confidence or trend detection. Get cutting edge knowledge that you can immediately put to work improving your use of social data.

Customized Assistance

Are you short on time or resources to investigate a new source or solve a complex data problem? Our Services team members are experts in social data and can provide customized consulting on a variety of topics. Customized work can range from simple, one-time studies, to multi-month engagements developing robust solutions. We'll work with you to resolve your unique challenge, according to your timeline and budget.


For more information on customized assistance please contact your Account Manager or Sales Executive.

Success Stories

Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social media data, and in addition to being a fantastic team of innovative social data ninjas, they've been terrific partners in our quest to transform the way corporate enterprises drive revenue.


The Gnip team has shown a remarkable willingness to engage on opportunities, ethics and obstacles.