Do More With Your Social Data

With an extensive list of enrichments to add to your streams, Gnip has the enterprise-grade options you need for your business. From Klout to Geo to Language Detection, adding value and reliability to your social data is as simple as using Gnip.

Social Data

Add Value To Your Social Data With Our Exclusive Enrichments



Profile Geo

Gnip's Profile Geo enrichment significantly increases the amount of usable geodata for Twitter, it normalizes unstructured location data to common geographies and provides latitude/longitude coordinates for those places.

Basic Klout

Klout is the standard for online influence. The Basic Klout enrichment from Gnip appends Klout Scores to your Twitter stream.

Premium Klout

Gnip's Premium Klout enrichment gives you Klout scores and Klout Topics with the enterprise licensing terms you need to store Klout data longer than 7 days and truly incorporate social influence into your product.

URL Expansion

Gnip expands short URLs (such as links from t.co, bit.ly, and many others) and provides the extended URLs as added metadata to your streams.

Language Detection

Gnip uses a language detection algorithm to apply language metadata when you access premium data in Activity Streams format. We currently support 24 languages.


Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media is about using the data available to make decisions with enrichments like Klout Scores, Klout Topics, URL unwinding, and language detection you have more data to make better decisions.


Mapping the social world? Profile Geo is a powerful enrichment that allows you to get more Tweets with geo references than by strictly using geotagged coordinates to create a more complete map.

Business Intelligence

Correlating social data with business data has enormous potential to transform businesses, enrichments like Klout Score and Klout Topics give a whole new dataset to correlate to internal data.

Ad Tech

Imagine if you could monitor and analyze the language, influence, and content shared of the people reached by a campaign on social media. With Gnip's enrichments, that's now possible.

Success Stories

The addition of Klout Topics makes it even easier for Lithium to help our clients learn more about their customers and build engaging social customer experiences.


The release of this new data set will unlock even more interesting opportunities for businesses. We are really impressed with Gnip's commitment to continue to drive the social data ecosystem forward.

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