Historical Products

Go Back In Time

Gnip offers a number of Historical products that give you complete, enterprise-grade access to the full archive of public Twitter data. Whether you need instant access to analyze a trending topic or have a long-term research project that needs years of data, we can provide the historical data you need.

Social Data

Access The Complete Archive Of Every Publicly Available Tweet.



Historical PowerTrack

Do you need to analyze social data from months or years ago? With Historical PowerTrack you have complete, enterprise-grade access to the full archive of public Twitter data, dating back to the very first Tweet from March 21, 2006. Learn more

Search API

Gnip's Search API for Twitter gives you complete and instant access to Twitter data so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Build powerful new solutions for your customers with easy, instant and complete access to Twitter data. Learn more


Social Media Monitoring

With access to the past six years of social data you can easily analyze and track historical trends and events associated with a particular brand or product.


With access to historical social data you can now backtest models and refine strategies to understand how incorporating Twitter data generates additional signal.

Business Intelligence

When you include over six years of social data into your data offerings, your customers can easily identify correlations with key business metrics like inventory and revenue.

Ad Tech

Historical social data allows you to quickly compare past and present campaigns and improve the forecasting of future campaigns based on historical data.

Success Stories

We had an urgent need for a substantial chunk of historical Twitter data for an internal project. When Gnip delivered the data, we were thrilled and impressed.


Our new customers see immediate time to value by having up to a month's worth of data about their brand available to them the moment they start.

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