30-Day and Full-Archive Search APIs

Instant Access to Historical Twitter Data

Gnip's 30-Day and Full-Archive Search APIs for Twitter gives you complete and instant access to recent Twitter data so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Build powerful new solutions for your customers with easy, instant and complete access to Twitter data.


Our Search API solutions allow you to use the powerful filtering of PowerTrack to get the historical Twitter data you need. We created these Search APIs as a way to get historical Twitter Data delivered in realtime.

In addition to the data from Twitter, Gnip will also enrich the streams with additional data such as Klout Scores, Klout Topics, additional geodata, the language detected and an expanded version of any shortened URL.

We created Search API with the belief that social data has unlimited value and near limitless potential. Complete coverage of the data you need is vital to any business, whether you're in one of these industries or not, every business can benefit from analyzing social data.

Success Stories

Our new customers see immediate time to value by having up to a month's worth of data about their brand available to them the moment they start.

Simply Measured

This means our clients can respond rapidly to real-time marketing opportunities by quickly building their understanding of a situation with instant access to social data.