Realtime Products

The Data You Need, The Moment You Need It

One of the most useful aspects of social data is that it is available in realtime. No longer do you have to wait hours or days to find out about a customer complaint only to learn that the complaint has kicked off a storm of outrage before you had a chance to remedy the situation. No longer do you need to let an opportunity pass you by because data wasn't available. Gnip has a number of realtime products that can get the data you need, when it is most valuable—immediately.




Gnip offers complete access to realtime streams of public data from the top social networks. We get every activity from social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress, add in our own enrichments and then pass the data on to you, all in the blink of an eye. Learn more


PowerTrack is Gnip's enterprise-grade filtering language that gives you the ability to get complete coverage of the data you need. Filter on geo-boundaries, keyword and phrase matches, the presence of links or images, the language of an activity and much more. Learn more

Data Collector

With a single API connection to Gnip you can connect to six public APIs simultaneously and collect data maintenance free in realtime. Simplify your access and save on valuable engineering resources. Learn more


Social Media Monitoring

With access to realtime social data you can easily analyze and track trends and events associated with a particular brand or product.


With access to realtime social data you can incorporate signals from Twitter data into your automated trading algorithms.

Business Intelligence

Including realtime social data into your data offerings, your customers can identify correlations happening in realtime and capitalize on the resulting opportunity.

Social CRM

Managing the customer relationship is about engaging with customers where they want. Find customers trying to engage with you across the social web in realtime.

Success Stories

Managing a realtime stream of data can be difficult. Gnip has built an innovative solution that solves key business and technical challenges to ensure that we get every Tweet we need.


Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social media data, and in addition to being a fantastic team of innovative social data ninjas, they've been terrific partners in our quest to transform the way corporate enterprises drive revenue.