Data Collector

Simplify Your Social Data Collection

Gnip's Data Collector is a turnkey solution to collect social data from multiple public APIs. Simply connect to the Gnip API and with that single connection we'll manage the connection to six different social APIs for you. We will also optimize your requests for maximum data retrieval, remove duplicate data, normalize the format across all APIs and deliver the data in your choice of protocol. Simplify your access and save on valuable engineering resources.


With the Data Collector you can choose from any of our Managed Public API Access sources and get all of the data in a single stream. Whether you need social media data, video data, image data, bookmarking data or all of the above, Gnip can deliver it all to you in realtime.

In addition to the data from the source, Gnip will also enrich the streams with additional data such as the language detected. The Data Collector automatically makes sure you receive the most data possible and delivers it to you in the protocol of your choice.

We created the Data Collector with the belief that social data has unlimited value and near limitless potential. Whether you're in one of these industries or not, every business can benefit from analyzing social data.

Success Stories

I absolutely love Gnip's API design. Very universal which saves hours of work on my side.

Addictive Mobility

Gnip allows businesses to focus on reaping social data insight, rather than tracking which services are hot, which are not, and which have changed their API policies.