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We know that social media analytics are only as reliable as the social data they analyze, Gnip is built for companies who can't afford to miss a single activity. Our engineering team is focused every day on flawless delivery of high-volume social data. We offer multiple layers of redundancy to ensure you never miss a Tweet, Check-In, Comment or Post.




Backfill automatically protects you from data loss caused by brief disconnects from your realtime connection. Had a network disruption? Need to switch to a new production server? Not a problem. We track the activities we're sending you in realtime and if you reconnect within 5 minutes, your stream picks up right where it left off. No need for you to do anything. Backfill is available on all sources with full firehose access.


With Replay, you can quickly recover any data you missed due to a longer disconnect from your realtime stream. Had a data center outage? Need to upgrade your data ingest system without losing data? No worries. Use your Replay stream to recover up to the last 5 days of data for your entire realtime set of rules. It runs in parallel to your realtime stream and you ingest it just as you would your production stream. Replay is available for Twitter, and Foursquare.

Redundant Stream

What's better than one realtime connection to your Gnip data streams? You guessed it, two connections! A redundant stream can mitigate the effects of a disconnect by providing a second live connection to your stream. Connect to the stream from two separate servers, providing a hot failover for situations where one stream is disconnected or where your app's primary server fails. The redundant stream can help bridge periods of disconnection and potentially prevent missed data.

Dude, Where's My Tweet?

We keep a record of all the data we send you. If you think you didn't receive an activity that you should have, let us know and we'll track it down for you. Our never-ending goal is to provide you with every single activity you need. "Dude, Where's My Tweet" is available on all sources with full firehose access.

Success Stories

We rely on Gnip to filter the content to ensure that our customers receive 100 percent of the relevant tweets, posts and articles.


By providing a complete and reliable stream of Twitter data, Gnip is playing a critical role in helping the Library of Congress build a stable, sustainable archive for future generations.

Library of Congress

Managing a realtime stream of data can be difficult. Gnip has built an innovative solution that solves key business and technical challenges to ensure that we get every Tweet we need.