Dailymotion Data Access

If you're looking to access social data related to online videos, Dailymotion is a great source of information. Connect to Dailymotion through our Data Collector and we will give you the ability to get data related to keywords or tags you specify in a normalized stream along with all the other social data you collect from Gnip. Data returned includes categories and other data for your analysis.


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Data Collector

Connect to multiple public APIs simultaneously with a single connection to Gnip. You select the sources, we will collect the data, enrich it, and pass it along to you. Simplify your access and save on scarce engineering resources.


Format Normalization

Want to use just one parser to consume all of your data? Activity Streams format from Gnip enables you to consume all of your data in a single standardized format across all of our data sources.


Dedicated Support Team

We offer technical onboarding, technical documentation, code snippets and libraries on GitHub, and rapid support response during business hours with 24/7 emergency response to ensure your success.


Duplicate Exclusion

Gnip eliminates duplicates within each stream so you'll only receive each activity once. This is particularly useful for polling-based streams where the original source may deliver the same activity multiple times.


Optimized Polling

Tired of trying to keep up with changing rate limits, API latency, and other factors that limit the effectiveness of your polling? Gnip optimizes the polling for each API to ensure that you get the most data you can.


Choice of Protocols

Whether you choose to access your data in the publisher's original format or in Activity Streams format, Gnip can deliver your data to you in the protocol of your choice: HTTP GET, HTTP POST, or Streaming HTTP


Plug & Play Streams

The Data Collector provides a single point of integration that supports up to six interchangeable realtime public API streams from our wide variety of supported social networks.


Customized Solutions, Predictable Pricing

Gnip offers customized solutions with predictable pricing to meet the needs of your business. There are three easy steps to getting started.

  1. Discuss what you are looking to do with DailyMotion data
  2. Get you into a trial so you can test our solution with up to six different streams
  3. Put together the best package for your needs


Payload Elements


  • Activity ID
  • PostedTime
  • UpdatedTime
  • Activity Title
  • Activity Description
  • Activity URL
  • Activity Categories
  • Actor Name
  • Actor Profile URL



Industries Using Dailymotion

Social Media Monitoring

The tags and descriptions of videos uploaded oftentimes includes many of the same phrases you're searching for on more traditional social media. The data you collect from video is just as important as the data from Twitter.

Business Intelligence

We make finding out when videos uploaded online affect your internal metrics like sales and volume of support tickets easier by sending you video data based on keywords and tags you select.


Unboxing videos, product demonstrations and more are all very common phenomena in the online video world. You can collect data related to your brand and do the analysis to determine the impact.

Sources Similar to Dailymotion

YouTube is the largest video sharing discovering and sharing platform in the world. While Dailymotion is all about independent and partner content collecting data from YouTube and other sources allows you can get all the video data you need.

Dailymotion has lots of original content created by independent content creators and partners of the site. Vimeo touts itself as the home for original content. If you're looking for original content consider Vimeo in addition to Dailymotion

Dailymotion has a wide variety of video content, if you need data about videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music and Sports then Metacafe may be an additional source of valuable data for you.

Success Stories

I absolutely love Gnip's API design. Very universal which saves hours of work on my side.

Addictive Mobility

Gnip allows businesses to focus on reaping social data insight, rather than tracking which services are hot, which are not, and which have changed their API policies.