Complete Tumblr Data Access

Various Content Types, Various Uses

Are you looking to engage with a community of trend setters that are discussing and sharing ideas that will enter the mainstream tomorrow? Tumblr data is your answer. With Gnip you will gain access to realtime Firehose and PowerTrack Tumblr data streams that ensure you get the data you are looking for.


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Extracted from the Content Firehose, your Tumblr PowerTrack stream will deliver full coverage of the blog posts and reblogs you want based on the filtering criteria you provide.


Looking for Tumblr data to power your applications? The Tumblr Firehose gives you a full access pass to a realtime stream of all public Tumblr blog posts, reblogs, and "Like" data.


Enterprise-Grade Filters

Want to avoid the complexity of having to sort through the entire contents of a full firehose of data? With PowerTrack you can apply a wide range of operators to easily filter for the exact data you want.


Format Normalization

Want to use just one parser to consume all of your data? Activity Streams format from Gnip enables you to consume all of your data in a single standardized format across all of our data sources.


URL Expansion

Gnip expands short URLs (such as links from,, and many others) and provides the extended URLs as added metadata to your streams.


Language Detection

Gnip uses a language detection algorithm to apply language metadata when you access premium data in Activity Streams format. We currently support 24 languages.


Dedicated Support Team

We offer technical onboarding, technical documentation, code snippets and libraries on GitHub, and rapid support response during business hours with 24/7 emergency response to ensure your success.


Rules API

You can update, manage and organize all of your rules through our dedicated Rules API. They'll update on-the-fly and you never have to worry about disconnecting from your realtime steam to update and compile your rules.



Backfill automatically protects you from data loss caused by brief disconnects from your realtime connection. We track the activities we're sending you in realtime and if you reconnect within 5 minutes, your stream picks up right where it left off.


Redundant Stream

A redundant stream can mitigate the effects of a disconnect by providing a second live connection to your stream. The redundant stream can help bridge periods of disconnection and prevent potentially missed data.


Customized Solutions, Predictable Pricing

Gnip offers customized solutions with predictable pricing to meet the needs of your business. There are three easy steps to getting started.

  1. Discuss what you are looking to do with Tumblr data
  2. Get you into a trial so you can test our solution and determine data volumes
  3. Put together the best package for your needs


Payload Elements


  • Original Tumblog URL, DisplayName
  • Original Tumblog Post URL
  • New Tumblog URL, DisplayName
  • New Tumblog Post ID, URL, PostedTime, NoteCount, Summary or Content, Format, Tags, TumblrType, ReblogKey
  • New Tumblog Post Actor ID
  • RebloggedFrom Tumblog URL, DisplayName
  • RebloggedFrom Tumblog Post URL


  • Photo Activities - New Tumblog Post "Item" Count, "Items" (e.g. image height/width, image URL, fullsize image height/width, fullsize image URL)
  • Link Activities - New Tumblog Post Link, Target URL
  • Audio Activities - New Tumblog Post TumblrPlays, EmbedCode, AlbumArt
  • Quote Activities - New Tumblog Post QuoteSource
  • Video Activities - New Tumblog Post EmbedCode



Industries Using Tumblr

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media is more than monitoring Twitter, Tumblr is an amazing source of data because of the large user base, the varied content types, and the way that content spreads.

Business Intelligence

Using Tumblr to correlate to other sources of data can yield surprising results. Tumblr data is often deep in text or visual content and the content spreads virally making the data unique.


Many blogs on Tumblr are aspirational, harnessing this data to understand trends, brand affinity, and marketing campaigns can yield great returns for retailers and brands.

Sources Similar to Tumblr

Like Tumblr content, WordPress content is often of aspirational. If you're looking to understand trends from trendsetters WordPress is a great source to add to your Tumblr streams.

Twitter has immense value in part because of the way content spreads, Tumblr takes that value to a whole new level. Reblogging analysis on Tumblr provides great information about trends and influencers.

Tumblr and Facebook are both places people go to express themselves, especially when it comes to brand affinity and preferences. Monitoring Facebook can give you similar insights to what you get from Tumblr.

Gnip for

Shoppers Tweet about what they bought, but they turn to blogs to share why they purchased.

Gnip for Blogs Package

Gnip for Blogs is a package offering that combines content from four of the most popular long-form social data sources. This package of data from Tumblr, WordPress, IntenseDebate and Disqus gives you seamless access to discussions happening in the blogosphere. Blog content, now better together.

Success Stories

Gnip makes it possible for us to provide our customers with tools built on the full firehoses of both Twitter and Tumblr data. This ensures we have top quality data so you never miss a tweet or a post.

Union Metrics

Gnip is the world's premier provider of social data.