Complete Twitter Data Access

Realtime And Historical Twitter Data To Meet The Needs Of Your Business

Gnip was the first authorized reseller of Twitter data. We provide realtime data as well as access to every publicly available Tweet dating back to the very first Tweet from March 21, 2006. Whether you are looking for Tweets about specific keywords, high volumes of data, or historical data, we've got you covered!


Every Twitter product comes with standard features as well the option to add in valuable enrichments or enterprise-grade reliability.


Enterprise-Grade Filters

Want to avoid the complexity of having to sort through the entire contents of a full firehose of data? With PowerTrack you can apply a wide range of operators to easily filter for the exact data you want.


Format Normalization

Want to use just one parser to consume all of your data? Activity Streams format from Gnip enables you to consume all of your data in a single standardized format across all of our data sources.


Rules API

You can update, manage and organize all of your rules through our dedicated Rules API. They'll update on-the-fly and you never have to worry about disconnecting from your realtime steam to update and compile your rules.



URL Expansion

Gnip expands short URLs (such as links from,, and many others) and provides the extended URLs as added metadata to your streams.


Language Detection

Gnip uses a language detection algorithm to apply language metadata when you access premium data in Activity Streams format. We currently support 24 languages.


Basic Klout

Klout is the standard for online influence. The Basic Klout enrichment from Gnip appends Klout Scores to your Twitter stream.


Premium Klout

Gnip's Premium Klout enrichment gives you Klout Scores and Klout Topics with the enterprise licensing terms you need to store Klout data longer than 7 days and truly incorporate social influence into your product.


Profile Geo

Gnip's Profile Geo enrichment significantly increases the amount of usable geodata for Twitter, it normalizes unstructured location data to common geographies and provides latitude/longitude coordinates for those places.




Backfill automatically protects you from data loss caused by brief disconnects from your realtime connection. We track the activities we're sending you in realtime and if you reconnect within 5 minutes, your stream picks up right where it left off.



With Replay, you can quickly recover any data you missed due to a longer disconnect from your realtime stream. Use your Replay stream to recover up to the last 5 days of data for your entire realtime set of rules.


Redundant Stream

A redundant stream can mitigate the effects of a disconnect by providing a second live connection to your stream. The redundant stream can help bridge periods of disconnection and prevent potentially missed data.


Dude Where's My Tweet?

We keep a record of all the data we send you. If you think you didn't receive an activity that you should have, let us know and we'll track it down for you. Our goal is to provide you with every single activity you need.



Dedicated Support Team

We offer technical onboarding, technical documentation, code snippets and libraries on GitHub, and rapid support response during business hours with 24/7 emergency response to ensure your success.